SwingTable 2.0 - 4 Seater

SwingTable 2.0 - 4 Seater


Are your dining table and chairs not quite exciting enough? Want to re-live those child hood swing-set memories during your next meeting? Well SwingTables can help with that. Let our one-of-a-kind swing-set (for adults) bring the party to your home, office, trade show booth, or wherever the durable steel frame can be set up. Limited quantities available.

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4 Seater Swing Table Includes:

  • Powder coated steel frame

  • Wood cedar table top

  • 4 wood cedar seats

  • Hardware, brackets, and chains

Assembled size: 4-Seater - 90” L x 56” W x 84” H

Breaks down for shipping, and re-assembled with ease.


Handmade in Los Angeles, California

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